“Miracle” baby, born weighing only 1lb 4oz and just two days before abortion limit, survives to become a healthy child

Doctors told the mom that her baby would not be resuscitated unless he had a heartbeat because he was born so prematurely. But baby William beat all odds.

The third time is surely charm! But in this case, the third time proved to be miraculous.

Anita Hyams, from Southend, Essex, gave birth to her third child, William, after just 23 weeks and five days. While doctors warned her that baby William will face many complications after birth, he defied all odds and grew up to be a healthy baby, much to his parents’ amazement, reports¬†Mail Online.

Anita, 38, husband Dan, 36, are now calling for the 24-week abortion limit to be lowered. The legal abortion time-limit in England is 24 weeks. Born prematurely just two days shy of 24 weeks, William was frail, weighing just 1lb 4ozb but now he is as healthy as any other baby, thanks to his mother’s undeterred spirit.

Anita has been a mother twice before and had also gone through a miscarriage so when she started feeling sick during the 23rd week of pregnancy she understood that her baby will be born prematurely. Anita was six months pregnant when one day, while busy with her work as an intensive care unit nurse, she felt feverish. She did not think of it as anything severe and carried on with her work.

And when she went to bed that night, she woke up feeling achy and sick. She popped paracetamol to help subside the pain, but at around 5, she woke up again and this time she was sure that she is slipping into labor. 

“I’d already had two children, so knew exactly what the feeling was. I was having contractions,” she said, in an interview to the Mail Online. Anita and her husband rushed to the hospital on her father’s advice. “We wanted this baby so badly, as I’d miscarried before,” she added.

The 38-year-old mom had lost a child at nine weeks in December 2015 and had been struggling to get pregnant due to her polycystic ovary syndrome and an underactive thyroid. She was taking the fertility drug metformin to increase her chances and the rate of ovulation before conceiving. In fact, William had already beat the odds before he was born, being the only one of Anita’s children to be conceived without the drug.

Under a lot of pressure, William was born and it was a miracle. He was frail but he was a fighter and he was here to stay. Weighing a little over 1 lb, he took a breath on his own and was later connected to oxygen tubes to support his breathing and was taken to the special care baby unit. Anita got a chance to see her baby three hours after his birth.

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